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Trademark Application requirements:

  • Full name and address and nationality of the applicant.
  • POA notarized by notary public only.
  • Certified copy of the extract from the Commercial Register/business license/incorporation certificate if the applicant is company or passport copy if the applicant is individual, notarized and legalized up to the Sudan Consulate.
  • Trademark image.
  • List of goods/services to be covered by the application.
  • Certified copy of priority document if claimed (accepted within six months).

Note: original documents are needed when filing. It is possible to submit the application with scanned copy of the documents and it is possible to submit the original copies in later stage within 2 months without any additional fees.

General information:

  • Filing System: Single class Filing system.
  • Classification of goods / services: 10th Edition of Nice Classification.
  • Registrable: trademarks, service marks, collective marks.
  • Claiming priority: Paris Convention within 6 months.
  • Time from filing to registration certificate: 20:24 months.
  • Trademark Search: available.
  • Time required to complete the search: 07 days.
  • Time from filing to receive renewal certificate: 3:6 months.
  • Time from filing till receive assignment certificate: 3:6 months.
  • Examination type: substantive examination.
  • Protection (registration) duration: 10 years from filing date.
  • Use: a registered mark may be subject to a cancellation action by any interested party if it has not been used for 5 consecutive years.
  • Renewal application can be made within: 12 months before expiry.
  • Renewal duration: 10 years.
  • Grace period to renew after expiration: 6 months with penalty.
  • Registration certificate: paper certificate.
  • If no Sudan consulate in your country, the legalization can be made by any Arabic Consulate and then super legalization of the document will be prepared by us locally in Sudan with additional fee.

Trademark Renewal requirements:

  • Power of attorney notarized.
  • Scanned copy of trademark registration certificate.

Trademark Assignment requirements:

  • POA signed by assignee and assignor notarized.
  • Assignment contract signed by both parties notarized and legalized up to the Sudan Consulate.
  • Copy of the trademark registration certificate.

Trademark change of name/address requirements:

  • POA reflecting new name/address, notarized.
  • Certificate of change name/address notarized and legalized up to the Sudan Consulate.

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