Trademark Application requirements:

  • Full name and address and nationality of the applicant.
  • Power of attorney simply signed.
  • Trademark image.
  • List of goods/services to be covered by the application.

General information:

  • Filing System: Single class Filing system.
  • Classification of goods / services: 11th Edition of Nice Classification.
  • Registrable: trademarks, service marks, collective marks, 3D marks.
  • Time from filing to registration certificate: 12:18 months.
  • Trademark Search: available.
  • Time required to complete the search: 07 days.
  • Examination type: substantive examination.
  • Time from filing to receive renewal certificate: 3:6 months.
  • Time from filing till receive assignment certificate: 3:6 months.
  • Protection (registration) duration: 10 years from filing date.
  • Renewal application can be made within: 6 months before expiry.
  • Renewal duration: 10 years.
  • Grace period to renew after expiration: 3 months with penalty.
  • Registration certificate: paper certificate.

Trademark Renewal requirements:

  • POA simply signed.
  • Scanned copy of trademark registration certificate.

Trademark Assignment requirements:

  • POA simply signed.
  • Assignment contract signed by both parties notarized.
  • Copy of the trademark registration certificate.

Trademark change of name/address requirements:

  • POA reflecting new name/address simply signed.
  • Certificate of change name/address.

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